Kasese United Humanist Association

working for the betterment of humanity

Brief profile of Kasese United Humanist Association

Kasese United Humanist Association (KUHA) is a Registered community based organization set up in 2009,We are registered with Kasese District Development Network (KADDE-NET).Our registration number is CBO/223. The organization is located in muhokya, Kasese district in Western Uganda


Advocating for a free and secular Society in Uganda 


Empowering grass root communities to improve / enhance talents, skills and Social-economic aspects for sustainable development.


 At Kasese United Humanist Association, we labour much at exposing humanism and science to people in our community.


We currently manage the Bizoha Humanist Center which offers a number of services in the community and among them a free humanist bookstore which has an array of books on free thought, Agriculture, space science, small scale business projects.


We offer hostel facilities to volunteers, tourists, students on tour who pay a small fee to sustain the running costs of our facility. Extra funds generated also help in boosting our projects to success.


We offer boat rides by usage of the Floating Classroom boat which is exclusively for boosting tourism, exploration of nature and its beauty on Lake George and Queen Elizabeth National Park.


We offer free computer, tailoring and welding lessons to our pupils and interested community teen youths who might need to learn a skill for self reliance and well being. 

Aims and objectives

To promote humanism and Free thought in communities around the country with special reference to western Uganda region.


To fight poverty, ignorance and disease among Ugandans.


To promote sustainable farming and better agricultural practices.


To take participatory roles in educating our people about basic hygiene and better nutrition.


 To lobby for assistance from donor organizations, individuals and nations to support the less privileged and vulnerable persons like orphans, street children, disabled persons, elderly and widows.


To advocate for Human rights issues and making sure they are observed by each and every individual


To eradicate poverty among-st people of Kasese and its neighborhoods by encouraging our people to involve themselves into income generating projects.


  To protect, conserve and preserve the environment and creating awareness and sensitization about what can be done to fight against desertification and global warming.

Bwambale at Bizoha Farmland

Bizoha School at Muhokya

Computer learning at Bizoha Humanist Center

Receiving books at Kasese Humanist School-Rukoki

Brief history of Kasese United Humanist Association

In 2009, Kasese United Humanist Association was born. It brings together people from all walks of life exposing them to humanism, science and reason.


It targets to empower Ugandans with critical thinking skills of the human mind in attempts to solve challenges facing the homo sapiens.


Our organization encourages people to appreciate nature and its beauty plus proper and meaningful usage of natural resources.


We also debunk belief in magics and superstitions deep rooted in the minds of our people and fosters them to develop a mind for people to think for themselves, be creative, innovative and resourceful.